The team of highly specialized and experienced professionals that forms part of TRADUCE, translates into all combinations of languages taking careful account of the terminology and intention of the content.

We use technological resources to manage urgent requirements of our clients effectively and efficiently.

Given the multiple requirements of translation users, the texts to be translated are the following:

Correspondence, technical specifications, offers, guidelines, minutes, records, certificates, briefs, letters rogatory, judgments, evidence, diplomas, certifications, bills of lading, reports, vouchers, contracts, agreements, transcripts, policies, patents, webpages, other documents in general.


This translation is not official and does not bear the translator’s signature. Third-party responsibility falls upon the owner of original document. It represents the highest part of offer and demand in practice, as it comprises all institutional scopes and every type of document without any exception.


This translation meets the requirements set forth in the Procedures Manual of Certified Translation published by the Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators. Third-party responsibility falls upon the author through its signature. Now, we also provide the certified translation service in digital version (Digital Certified Translation – TCD).


This translation is made by a court-appointed expert specialized in translating documents in English, French and Spanish, who is duly accredited in the Registry of Court Experts of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima.

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