We ensure the perfect solution for your remote and face-to-face events through an effective and reliable interpreting that only our professional and specialized team of interpreters may offer you in all subject areas and combinations of languages.

We are highly trained interpreters able to move to any place in Peru and abroad with the sole purpose of cooperating in all your events such as conferences, seminars, congresses, webinars, trainings, working meetings, business travels, social services, hearings (expert interpreting), medical appointments, tourist circuits, certification processes, field visits, among others.

We adapt ourselves to different videoconference platforms used by our clients for their events, or we provide you with those resources used by TRADUCE. In face-to-face events, we have appropriate technical audio equipment (booth, individual headphones, portable equipment) that will guarantee your event success.


Ideal to transmit real-time messages. In general, it requires audio equipment that will enable the interpreter to listen to the speaker’s message clearly in Language A and to transmit it to the listeners in Language B as faithfully and clearly as possible. Very used in virtual events under the remote interpreting modality.


It is required in events where the interpreter transmits the message taking brief pauses. With the note-taking method, the interpreter achieves to transmit the message by emphasizing on accuracy not on speed. In some face-to-face situations, for instance, field visits, this interpreting is known as liaison interpreting. It is also used in virtual events under the remote interpreting modality.

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